Greetings from Far Point!

In September of 1996 we began Far Point Stables which evolved into Far Point Animal Rescue. We envisioned it as a sanctuary for abused and unwanted animals. Over time it has become so much more. We never dreamed that our horses would turn into healers, therapists and non-judgmental friends or that so many loved animals of several species would come to us for various reasons.

Today community service is a part of most educational programs from nursery schools to colleges. Far Point far point stables, barnAnimal Rescue is a popular community service site for area universities, public  and home schools, 4H groups, scout troops, special needs individuals, individuals who need to to court appointed community time, local drug and alcohol rehab center, etc. Many groups from Susquehanna and Bucknell Universities come to help. It’s become a tradition that we are a service site every August for a group of the incoming students during their orientation who come to do projects. One year a university president brought his young daughter and they joined in the painting of a fence.  During the school year you will usually find one college group or another coming to lend a hand on weekends. A few years ago, the Center for Civic Engagement at Susquehanna honored Far Point Animal Rescue as “Community Partner of the Year” at a special awards ceremony on campus. It touched our hearts that they selected Far Point.

Individuals and groups began to come for tours and to volunteer. We became educators teaching people of all ages that animals feel pain and experience emotions just like they do, that horses are prey animals and get frightened by unexpected noises and quick motions. One small group even experimented successfully communicating with a horse by picturing in their minds what they wanted him to do! There’s so much for people to learn about the animals who share our planet.

One day a young woman called to ask if she could do her court ordered community service at Far Point. She wasfar point stables house a joy and turned out to be a natural with the animals. That was the beginning of our connection with the Snyder County DUI Court and area probation office.

An area Girl Scout troop was here for a tour. They volunteered and did fund raising for Far Point as their project as they worked toward their bronze award. Quite a few students from area high schools choose Far Point as their senior project. A middle school student recently came to do twelve hours of community service for a class. The twelve hours were completed long ago, but she still shows up to help with the horses and cats every Saturday morning.

Far Point participated in a program through Career Link for young people who needed experience in being responsible job holders. Connection with horses who had been neglected or abused was a valuable addition to their work experience.

far point stables, stallsWe also have volunteers who are here only because they want to be. A woman and her teenage daughter were seeking an activity they could enjoy together. They helped with our cats on a weekly basis for several years. One retired woman tells us that she is the happiest she has ever been in her life and credits the opportunity to work with the horses several days a week for that. Another woman who also came several days a week was referred to us by her therapist. She was very depressed when she started. Our “therapist” horses have done their job (at no charge!) and she no longer needs her visits with her human counselor — to the delight of all involved.

We were happy when we stop to think what our wonderful animals mean to others and how they heal and teach just by being themselves. They don’t need a salary, but they do have needs. During the past few years the cost of their hay, feed, bedding and vet care have more than doubled. We have many generous supporters, but in these difficult times, we need more. For just the horses’ feed we need over $500 biweekly. Their hay is over $200 per ton and we get five tons at a time. It only lasts a few weeks. We are doing all we can, but we need help. Please consider a gift to Far Point Animal Rescue. Checks may be sent to Far Point Animal Rescue, 1105 Red Hill Road, Port Trevorton, PA 17870. If you live in the area, volunteers are always welcome. With your help we can continue to serve animals in need and they will continue to bring peace and healing to all who come in touch with them.

You can make a difference. Gifts of any amount are welcome.