The stables at Red Hill Road consist of 9 horses.  Biscuit, Eagle Song, Silver, Jasmine,  Dream Walker, Shay, Summer, Cody, and Georgean Bay.  All of the horses have been neglected, abused, or not wanted by their owners.  At this farm they have a forever home and receive specialized food, medical treatment, and the security of never being mistreated again.

Our other barn consists of 8 horses.  Which brings a total of 17 horses to the “herd”.

Every day the stables get cleaned and fresh bedding is given.  We need volunteers every day starting around 9:30 a.m. for two hours to help with this chore.  Every day, weather permitting, the Herd is turned out to pasture, and before that they are groomed, eyes are cleaned, face masks are put on in the summer, and the horses are checked over for sores, hoof problems, lameness, and any other problems.

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The stables at Red Hill Road

far point stables horse 1

Georgian Bey

Came to Far Point in January 2009.  Standard Bred Mare, Chestnut and stands 16 Hands.  She is approximately 18 years old and came to the Rescue from a racing life and had acquired a distal limb fracture.

far point stables horse 2


He came to Far Point in June 2009 from the Painted Pony Rescue.  He stands 14-1/2 Hands and is now 19 years old.  He had acquired a left front pastern degenerative joint disease and arthrodesis.

far point stables horse 3


She came to Far Point in March 2005 as a yearling.  Was adopted out and came back in March 2013.  She had been hit by a car and has an injury/scar on her face.  She is presently 15 years old and is a Sorrell Quarter Horse.

far point stables horse 4


she is one of our newest horses although she is 22 years old.  She was found at an auction and deemed saveable and brought to Far Point to live her life out.

far point stables horse 5


a bay quarter horse/Standard Bred  who died this past year in 2017.  We miss him terribly.

far point stables horse 6

Dream Walker

is a Palamino who has moon blindness in his right eye.  He came to Far Point in 1995 and is approximately 30 years old.

far point stables horse 7

Danny Boy!

He was a sulky racer in his prime.  When he could no longer win races, he was placed in a field and starved, almost to death.  He was rescued by Far Point and Danny Boy died in 2017.

far point stables horse 8


Is a Painted Pony Rescue and came to Far Point in January 2010.  She was almost starved to death and was the only horse in her stable who survived.  This part Arabian mare is now approximately 13 years old.

far point stables horse 9


This gelding is a Pony of the Americas (POA).  He was on the show poney circuit for a time and later became a therapeutic riding mount for 3 years.  He is a Leopard Appaloosa and is 20 years old.  He has recurrent uveitis and is blind in his right eye.

far point stables horse 10

Eagle Song

This gelding was born on 9/17/1995 and came to Far Point as Cricket’s pleasure riding horse.  He is now 22  years old and is a Tennesse Walker – spotted.


far point stables horse 11


This gelding is a registered AQHA palamino quarter horse.  Born in April 2002, he came to Far Point in 11/03..was adopted out and came back in October of 2005.  He is not sound for riding due to injury and irrevocable hindleg damage.

Our other barn

far point horses 12


Was an aged horse and died this past year in 2017

far point horses 13


At about 30 years of age, we lost Solomn this winter 2017.  He was a gentle soul and will be missed.

far point horses 14



far point horses 15



Sarahfar point horses 16


far point horses 17



far point horses 18



far point horses 19

Morgan (Moon)

Morgan is a Thoroughbred standing 16.2 Hands.  This fleabitten Grey racehorse came to Far Point in January 2010 and was born in February 1997.